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О компании

Plavno is an adventurous team, you should be ready to jump into interesting projects, pump up your skills and increase your earnings faster than in any other company. We divide teams into stacks, the guys study within the company and solve complex problems, interacting with the team leader. The major plus is international projects experience, you get the opportunity to work with the heads of technology departments giants and grow by leaps and bounds. We work with different industries and business areas, including but not limited: FinTech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, e-Learning. Plavno prioritises team and employee growth, this is why IT professionals are a core value to the company. God only knows how Netflix enlisted FAANG instead of Microsoft, but we know how to give an opportunity to reach the earning level of such employees.Technology Stack Web Java ;Node.js, Angular, Vue. js; React, Redux, Python, Flask, Django, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii; Golang;. NET / C# Mobile iOS / Swift, Objective-C; Android / Java / Kotlin; React Native, Flutter; Detailed information to help you decide when choosing us as a potential employer: Spacious workstations equipped with modern technology in large bright offices; Opportunity to choose the format of work: in the office, remotely, or a combination of both; Flexible work schedule; Vacation time, which can be divided into any parts; Availability of sick days; Full medical insurance; Reimbursement for parking/sports/language/vocational courses; We would be happy to tell you more about our company at a meeting with us. If you are interested please send resume to hr@plavno.io

Открытые вакансии

Месяц назад

от 200 - до 500

Мы ожидаем от вас: Отличное знание Python, коммерческий опыт не менее двух лет; Опыт работы с Django или Flask Framework; Знание SQL на высоком уровне; Опыт с Git и понимание git потока Понимание принципов оперативной деятельности и инфраструктуры современных веб-приложений; Владение английским на уровне intermediate и выше. Ваши задачи: Участие…

Месяц назад

от 1 500 - до 3 000

Мы ожидаем от вас: Коммерческий опыт разработки на Node.js и React от 3 лет; Поддержка существующего кода и написание новых модулей; Опыт написание интеграций к новым REST API; Отличное знание JavaScript (TypeScript); Знание любого из фреймворков: Express.js, Nest.js, Adonis.js, etc; Понимание принципов работы REST API и JSON; Понимание авторизации и…

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